Nova publisher's books RSS feed for public list Nova publisher's books 1000 Multiple Responce Questions in Paediatric Dentistry by Folayan, Morenike 200 Practice Questions in Cardiothoracic Surgery by Raja, Shahzad G. 21st century lifelong creative learning by Lambropoulos, Niki, 24 hour heart rate variability analysis (HRV) in childhood : by Buchhorn, Reiner, 3D applications in hip surgery A guide to introductory nematology by Nagachandrabose, Seenivasan, A handbook on estrogen receptors in the brain / by Paramanik, Vijay, A new approach to stuttering : by Tarkowski, Zbigniew A pediatric resident pocket guide by Feinberg, Arthur N., A primer for swimming coaches : by Maglischo, Ernest W. A textbook on Laboratory and Clinical Transfusion Medicine : vol.1 A textbook on Laboratory and Clinical Transfusion Medicine : vol.2. A textbook on Laboratory and Clinical Transfusion Medicine : vol.3. Abdominal obesity Abortion Law in the United States and Europe About the living body : Accelerating newborn through toddler learning development / by Jamsa, Kris, Accidental falls ACE Inhibitors : vol.1 ACE Inhibitors : vol.2 Achieving the Quadruple Aim in a Technology-Driven Transformed Health System by Couch, James B. Achilles tendon and ankle injuries : Activities of daily living (ADL) : Acupuncture in pain management Acupuncture in pain management Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) : Acute Lung Injury Acute myeloid leukemia : Adenosine signaling mechanisms ADHD : by Ptáček, Radek, Adherence to medical plans for active and healthy ageing / Adolescence and health Adolescent health literacy and learning / Adoption Records and Postadoption Contact Agreements Adrenal glands : Advances and challenges in stroke / Advances in marine biology. Advances in arterial stiffness research / Advances in carcinogenesis research / Advances in dermatology research / Advances in drug testing and drug delivery systems by Lei, Kin Fong, Advances in Genetics Research : vol.13 Advances in Genetics Research : vol.16 Advances in Genetics Research : vol.17 Advances in Health and Disease : vol.1 Advances in health and disease, Vol. 2 Advances in hemodynamics research Advances in medicine and biology : v.80 Advances in medicine and biology : v.82 Advances in medicine and biology : v.84 Advances in medicine and biology : v.86 Advances in medicine and biology : v.89 Advances in medicine and biology: v.105 Advances in medicine and biology: v.106 Advances in medicine and biology: v.107 Advances in medicine and biology: v.109 Advances in medicine and biology: v.110 Advances in medicine and biology: v.111 Advances in medicine and biology: v.112 Advances in medicine and biology: v.114 Advances in medicine and biology: v.115 Advances in medicine and biology: v.116 Advances in medicine and biology: v.117 Advances in medicine and biology: v.118 Advances in medicine and biology: v.119 Advances in medicine and biology: v.120 Advances in medicine and biology: v.121 Advances in medicine and biology: v.122 Advances in medicine and biology: v.123 Advances in medicine and biology: v.124 Advances in medicine and biology: v.125 Advances in medicine and biology: v.87 Advances in medicine and biology: v.90 Advances in medicine and biology: v.92 Advances in medicine and biology: v.93 Advances in medicine and biology: v.94 Advances in medicine and biology: v.95 Advances in medicine and biology: v.96 Advances in medicine and biology: v.97 Advances in medicine and biology. Advances in medicine and biology. Advances in neurochemistry research / Advances in occupational therapy research / Advances in Psychology Research : vol.101 Advances in respiratory therapy research Advances in studies on enzyme inhibitors as drugs : vol.1 Advances in studies on enzyme inhibitors as drugs : vol.2 Advances in Surgical Procedures Advances in visual perception research Aesthetic laser therapy : by Sajan, Javad A., Age-related macular degeneration : Ageing and mental health Alcohol and the liver Aldosterone Alkaloids Allelic forms of the FMR1 gene : Allium sativum : Alternative medicine Alternative medicine research yearbook 2015 Alternative medicine research yearbook 2016 Alternative medicine research yearbook. Alternative splicing and disease Aluminum neurotoxicity : Alzheimer's disease : Amyloidosis An introduction to the interpersonal cognitive behavioral therapy treatment system (I-CBT) : Analytical models of thermal stresses in anisotropic composite materials / by Ceniga, Ladislav, Anemia : Anesthesia for non-anesthesiologists Antibacterials Antibiotic resistance genes in natural environments and long-term effects / Anticancer therapies : Antidepressants Antihypertensive drugs : Antipsychotic drug use among adults in nursing homes : Apigenin and naringenin : Application of phytobiotechnology in the control of tropical infectious diseases by Anchang, Kenneth Yongabi, Apricots and peaches Aquatic plants : Arachnoid cysts : Arbovirus : Are your pediatric patients ready for adult health care? : Arteriovenous malformations : Ascorbic Acid : Asperger syndrome Asphyxia : Astigmatism : Attention and meaning Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Autism patents and beyond / by Dochniak, Michael J., Autism spectrum disorder Autism spectrum disorders Avian influenza and SARS : Bacillus thuringiensis Bacterial meningitis : Bacteriocins Bacteriophages : Bariatric surgery Beautiful skin Bee health : Behavioral pediatrics Beta-lapachone : Beyond diet and depression : vol.1 by Sharma, Sushil, Beyond diet and depression : vol.2 by Sharma, Sushil, Bile acids Bile duct cancer Biliary diseases with pancreatic counterparts Bioactive peptides Biochemistry and molecular biology : Biochemistry and molecular biology coming of age / Biochemistry Research Summaries : vol.1 Biochemistry Research Summaries : vol.2 Biochemistry Research Summaries : vol.3 Biodegradable polymers : vol.1 Biodegradable polymers : vol.2 Biodegradation Biofilms : Biological energetics / by Feng, Pang Xiao Biological implications of human mobility Biological invasions : Biologics in rheumatology : Biology Research Summaries : vol.1 Biology Research Summaries : vol.2 Biomaterials and Designer Functional Applications in Oral Cavity. Biomineralization Biopolymers and nanocomposites for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications / Biosurfactants Blood viscosity : Blueberries by Zweers, G. A.,Gerritsen, A. F. C,Kranenburg-Voogd, P. J. van. Body image: social influences, ethnic differences and impact on self-esteem / Bone disorders, screening and treatment / Borderline personality disorder in older adults Born into this world : Botulinum toxin in dermatology Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) Breast milk Bronchiolitis : Brugada syndrome Bursitis of Major Joints. Campylobacter infections Cancer : Cancer : Cancer : Cancer : Cancer versus nutraceuticals Cannabis : Capsaicin : Carbamazepine : Carbohydrate metabolism : Cardiac remodeling Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: From Epigenetic to Social Networks Cardiac tamponade Cardiotoxicity of chemotherapeutic agents Caribbean adolescents : Caring for the newborn Carnosine Carotid artery disease Carp and catfish Catatonia on the consultation liaison service and other clinical settings / Cationic amphiphiles by Devínsky, Ferdinand, Celiac disease Cellulase Cellulose and cellulose derivatives : Central regulation of growth : by Dudás, Bertalan, Central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR) : Chagas disease Chemical pollution control with microorganisms / Chemistry Research Summaries : Vol.18 Chemistry Research Summaries : Vol.9 Chemoradiotherapy : Concurrent Uses, Efficacy and Impact on Prognosis. Chemosensory sensors and systems Child abuse : Child and Adolescent Health Yearbook 2016 Child Health and Human Development Yearbook 2014 Child Health and Human Development Yearbook 2015 Child Health and Human Development Yearbook 2016 Child maltreatment Child nutrition and school meals programs : Children and adolescents : by Shek, Daniel TL. Children and youth Chinese herbs and herbal medicine Chlamydia Chocolate : Cholangiocarcinoma Cholangiocarcinoma : Chordates : Chronic disease and disability Chronic disease and disability Chronic disease and disability Chronic Disease and Disability The Pediatric Kidney Chronic diseases by Bovell-Benjamin, Adelia, Chronic fatigue syndrome : Chronic liver disease : Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Chronic stress and health Cigarette smoking Circadian Cardiology with Focus on Both Prevention and Intervention. Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) Claiming social security benefits early Clinical art psychotherapy with war veterans / by Kopytin, Aleksandr I. Clinical aspects of psychopharmacology in childhood and adolescence / Clotting disorders : Cognitive control Cognitive impairment and survival after a natural disaster : by Meguro, Kenichi, Coliforms Collaboration with the advanced practice nurse Combating antibiotic resistance : Commonly used drugs Compartment Syndrome Complementary medicine and culture Computed tomography Computer-assisted surgery Concussions in athletics Congenital heart diseases : Congenital neurotransmitter disorders : Considering consciousness clinically Constrictive Pericarditis and Cardiac Tamponade Consumers' guide to prescription and over the counter medications / by Bennett, Lunawati L. Contraception : Contribution of microbiota to the innate and acquired gut immunity during health and disease / by Malago, Joshua J. Coronary artery disease : Corticosteroids and steroid therapy : Corticosterone : Cotton fibres Craniospinal hydrodynamics in neurodegenerative and neurological disorders / by Flanagan, Michael, Cryosurgery and colposcopy Curcumin Current advances in biopolymer processing and characterization Current management of central nervous system meningiomas / Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) : Cybercrime impact & responses to cyber threats CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery : vol.2 Cyclodextrins : Cyclophosphamide Cystic and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis : Cytochrome p450 enzymes Deciphering organic foods Decision Making in Degenerative Spinal Surgery Deep brain stimulation Default mode network (DMN) Degenerative, Traumatic and Infectious Lumbar Spinal Pathology : vol.1. Degenerative, Traumatic and Infectious Lumbar Spinal Pathology : vol.2. Dehydrogenases : Dementia : Dentate gyrus : Dermatology Research Advances : vol.1 Dermatomyositis : Descriptors, structural and spectroscopic properties of heterocyclic derivatives of importance for health and the environment Development of science and technology of food resources / by Wu, Wenbiao, Dextromethorphan : Diabetes mellitus Diabetes mellitus by Greydanus, Donald E., Diagnosis and treatment planning in orthognathic surgery by Singh, Devinder Preet, Different aspects on chemotherapy of trypanosomatids Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) Disability, chronic disease and human development by Merrick, Joav Discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep by William C. Dement and Michel Jouvet. 1955-1970 : by Gottesmann, Claude, Disinfectants : Disorders of gastrointestinal systems and clinical manifestations / Diverticular disease and diverticulitis DNA methylation Down syndrome (DS) Drug development and rare pediatric diseases : Drug overdoses and alcohol withdrawal Duchenne muscular dystrophy : Dysphagia Eating disorders : Ebola and epidemics : Ecotoxicology in Latin America / Electronic health records Embodied cognition : Empowerment : Encyclopedia of Dermatology (6 Volume Set) : vol.1 Encyclopedia of Dermatology (6 Volume Set) : vol.2 Encyclopedia of Dermatology (6 Volume Set) : vol.3 Encyclopedia of Dermatology (6 Volume Set) : vol.4 Encyclopedia of Dermatology (6 Volume Set) : vol.5 Encyclopedia of Dermatology (6 Volume Set) : vol.6 Encyclopedia of lung cancer Endocannabinoids Endocrine diseases Endocrine emergencies, endocrinology in intensive care and preoperative care Endometrial cancer : Endophthalmitis / Endophytic fungi Endoplasmic reticulum stress : Enterococci and bacterial diseases : Environment and hope Environment and public health : Environmental health disparities : Ependymomas Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) Epigenetics Essential guide to clinical neonatology Essentials of chronic kidney disease Essureal journey Estradiol : Ethical issues in neuroscience research Europe at the crossroads by Jones, Basil R. Event-related potential (ERP) : Evidence-based cosmetic surgery Evoked potentials and electrical stimulation Experimental models in glioblastoma research / Eye diseases and disorders Eye diseases associated with sleep disorders Eye movement disorders (nystagmus and strabismus) Fanconi anemia and oxidative stress : Federal programs supporting people with serious mental illness : Federal systems serving transition age youth with disabilities Ferulic acid Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders : by Sharma, Sushil K., Flamingos Fluoxetine Focused neuroanatomy for medical students by Cohen-Inbar, Or, Food allergies : Food and parkinsons disease / Food issues, policies and safety considerations. Food microbiology : Food poisoning : Food safety and consumption : Food security : Forensic psychiatry : Forest plantation development and management in Ghana / by Nanang, David M. Forgiveness Forskolin : From medicinal chemistry to food science: a transfer of in silico methods applications / From sexual deviance to abuse Fruit and pomace extracts Fruit Juices Functional foods : Functional neuroimaging with multiple modalities : by Zhou, Yongxia, Gallstones Gastric bypass surgery Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) Gastrointestinal Cancers : Prevention, Detection and Treatment : vol.1 Gastrointestinal Cancers : Prevention, Detection and Treatment : vol.2 Gastrointestinal endoscopy in children / Gastrointestinal stromal tumors in adults and children / Gene-environment interactions and human diseases / Genetic algorithms : Genetic mistakes by Forrest, Rosemary, Genistein and daidzein : Geographic variation in private health care spending : Gestational diabetes : Ginger : Glioblastoma multiforme : Glutathione Glycocalyx and its roles in inflammation and atherosclerosis by Zeng, Ye Gonorrhea and Viral Hepatitis Gout : Green polyurethanes and biocomposites by Hatakeyama, Hyōe, Green tea and health : by Powell, Nicolas, Growing up in the Middle East Handbook for nutritional assessment through life cycle by Daradkeh, Ghazi. Handbook of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo by Gkoritsa, Eleni Zoe, Handbook of diabetes for general practitioners / Handbook of hearing disorders research Handbook of seafood : Handbook on burnout and sleep deprivation : Handbook on cerebral palsy Handbook on cerebral palsy Handbook on ovarian cancer Head and neck cancer : Healing the mind by Dochniak, Michael J., Healing the mind by Dochniak, Michael J., Health and wellness of people with disabilities : Health care cost transparency : Health care costs : Health care use of electronically readable cards Health communication Health disparities and inequalities in the United States : Health issues in diverse cultures / Hearing loss : Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Hematuria : Hemolytic uremic syndrome Hemorrhagic Shock Hepatocellular carcinoma in the 3rd millennium Hepatotoxicity : Histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDIs) : Hope Horizons in cancer research Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.55 Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.56 Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.57 Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.58 Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.59 Horizons in cancer research : vol.60 Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.63 Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.65 Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.66 Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.67 Horizons in Cancer Research : vol.68 Horizons in cancer research. Horizons in neuroscience research : v.17 Horizons in neuroscience research : vol.16 Horizons in neuroscience research : vol.18 Horizons in neuroscience research : vol.19 Horizons in neuroscience research v.19 Horizons in neuroscience research v.20 Horizons in neuroscience research. Horizons in neuroscience research. Horizons in neuroscience research. v.21 Horizons in neuroscience research. v.22 Horizons in neuroscience research. v.24 Horizons in neuroscience research. Vol. 29 Horizons in neuroscience research.v.26 Horizons in neuroscience research.v.32 Horizons in neuroscience research.v.33 Horizons in World Cardiovascular Research : vol.10 Horizons in World Cardiovascular Research : vol.11 Horizons in World Cardiovascular Research : vol.12 Horizons in World Cardiovascular Research : vol.14 Horizons in World Cardiovascular Research : vol.6 Horizons in World Cardiovascular Research : vol.7 Horizons in World Cardiovascular Research : vol.9 Hospital emergency departments : Human brain theory by Bryukhovetskiy, Andrey S., Human health and nutrition : Human lyme neuroborreliosis / by Younger, David S., Human serum albumin (HSA) : Huntington's disease : Hydroxyapatite and other calcium orthophosphates : by Dorozhkin, Sergey V., Hyperhidrosis : Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy : Hypospadias : Hypospadias surgery Hysterectomies Immunosuppressives : Improving the health of honey bees and other pollinators Incisional and congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) : Incredible world of biotechnology Individual mandate and premium tax credits in the Affordable Care ct : Indoleamines : Industryal biotechnology by Kaur, Loveleen. Infant feeding : Inflammatory markers, oncogenes, tumor suppressor cell cycle regulators in skin growths, pre-skin tumors and skin tumors Influenza and RNA viruses Innovation in systems thinking : by Rosi, Bojan Innovative bio-products for agriculture Insecticides Insomnia : by Sacre, Sandy, Integrated psychological services in primary care International book of erectile dysfunction International Narcotics Control International perspectives on traumatic stress Interprofessional client-centred collaborative practice : Intervertebral disc degeneration Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) Inulin Issues in U.S. broadcast media Kaempferol Key issues facing Medicaid Ki or psi - anomalous remote effects of mind-body system : by Kokubo, Hideyuki, Knee injuries and repair : Kyphosis : Laparoscopy : Laser ablation Lead exposure and poisoning : Leaf epidermal anatomical characters and anatomical tools for systematical studies of some medicinally important angiospermic families Lecithins and phospholipids Lecithins and phospholipids Lecture notes on general medicine for dental practice by Prabhu, S. R., Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) Leg ulcers and chronic wounds : Lifestyles related to eating habits in ready meal consumption : by Siekierski, Paulette, Liposomes : Listeria monocytogenes Liver disease Luteolin : Lycopene : Lysosomal storage diseases : by Pastores, Gregory M., Macrosomia and birth weight : Magnetic resonance imaging of stem cell applications Magneto-biology and medicine / Magnetoresistance Major depressive disorder : Management for failed bariatric procedures : Mantle cell lymphoma Marine finfish aquaculture and the environment Marine oils Marsupials and monotremes : Medicaid and long-term care assistance Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act Medicaid prescription drugs : Medicaid third-party liability : Medical Device Approval and Regulation in 16 Countries Medical history : Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit Medicare's prescription drug program Medicinal plants : Medicine research summaries. Medicine research summaries. Medicine research summaries. Medicine research summaries. Volume 10 Medicine research summaries. Volume 12 Medicine research summaries. Volume 14 Medicine research summaries. Volume 15 Medicine research summaries. Volume 16 Medicine research summaries. Volume 17 Medicine research summaries. Volume 18 Medicine research summaries. Volume 19 Medicine research summaries. Volume 20 Medicine research summaries. Volume 6 Medicine research summaries. Volume 7 Medicine research summaries. Volume 8 Medicine research summaries. Volume 9. Mediterranean diet and dietary therapies : Meningiomas Menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea Mental and holistic health : Mental health Mental health conditions and services in selected African countries Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) : Metabolic syndrome Microalgae and other phototrophic bacteria Microbiological food hygiene Microbiological food hygiene Microglia Microspheres Migraine surgery / Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) Minimally invasive mitral valve surgery Minimally invasive surgery for pituitary adenoma by Wongsirisuwan, Methee, Modified biopolymers Modulators of glutamatergic signaling as potential treatments of neuropsychiatric disorders / Molecular aspects of the psychosomatic-metabolic axis and stress / by Bennun, Alfred, Molecular genetics of chronic pancreatitis and implications in diagnosis and prognosis by Singh, Shweta Monoamine oxidase inhibitors : by Sharma, Sushil, Motor Control in Humans by Petrynski, Waclaw Motor imagery Multiple Myeloma Multiple sclerosis Music and hearing Music therapy Mycotoxins : Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) Myocardial infarctions : Myopia : by Kaimbo Wa Kaimbo, Dieudonne. Myotonic dystrophies : Nectar Neonatal abstinence syndrome Neonatal and perinatal mortality : Neonatal intensive care : Neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) : Nephrolithiasis Risk Factors, Treatment and Prevention. Nephrotic syndrome Neurobiology of men's mental health Neurodegenerative diseases Neurofibromatosis : Neurogenesis Neuroimaging in multiple sclerosis / by Zhou, Yongxia, Neuroimmunity and the brain-gut connection Neuropathic pain Neuroplasticity in learning and rehabilitation Neutropenia New developments in clinical psychology research / New developments in myocardial ischemia research / New developments in serotonin research New developments in Tryptophan research New trends in corynebacterium glutamicum : Nicotine dependence, smoking cessation and effects of secondhand smoke / Nitric oxide Non-pharmacological therapies in different types of dementia and mild cognitive impairment : Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease : Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) Nonverbal communication Noroviruses : Nurse staffing within the Veterans Health Administration Nutraceuticals : Nutritional supplements and their role in promoting successful aging and longevity by Gambert, Steven R., Occurrences, structure, biosynthesis, and health benefits based on their evidences of medicinal phytochemicals in vegetables and fruits : vol.4. Occurrences, structure, biosynthesis, and health benefits based on their evidences of medicinal phytochemicals in vegetables and fruits : vol.7. Ochratoxin A : by Xu, Wentao, Ochratoxins : Oligodrndrogliomas (ODs) Olive oil OMEGA-3 : Oncology Oral health : Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine. Osteoclasts Oxidative Stress Pacemakers and ICD Paediatric Pulmonary Function Testing Pain Management Yearbook 2014. Pain Management Yearbook 2015. Pain Management Yearbook 2016. Painful sex associated with menopause : by DeGregorio, Michael W., Palliative care Palliative care Palliative care : vol.1 Palliative Radiation Therapy : vol.2 Paraplegia Parkinsonism Patellofemoral pain : Pathobiology of hepatocellular carcinoma and clinical impact / by Mazzocca, Antonio, Pathogens in poultry products by Chambers, Rosemarie. Pathological diagnosis of breast cancer by Ingle, Sachin G., Pathophysiology of Oral Diseases. by Namboodiripad, P. C. Anila Patient rights Patient safety and management : Peanut allergies Peanuts Pediatric and adolescent dermatology Pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis : Pediatric pain : Pediatric surgery handbook for residents and medical students. Pediatric tonsillectomy Pediatric tonsillectomy Pemphigus vulgaris : by Chan, Lawrence S., Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) Perioperative neurosciences Peritoneal dialysis : Perspectives on emergency medical services as an essential service / Pharmaceutical formulation and medicinal chemistry : Pharmaceutical industry developments Pharmacogenomics in Latin America : Phenolic acids Phenylalanine : Photodynamic therapy (PDT) Photothermal therapy Phthalates Physical activity behaviors and determinants in children and adolescents / Physical exercises : Physician self-referrals : Phytosterols : Phytotherapy approaches for oral ulcers treatment / Pineal gland Plant bioactive compounds for pancreatic cancer prevention and treatment Plasmas and energetic processes in the geomagnetosphere by Dorman, L. I. PM2.5 Point of care ultrasound for the field Polycaprolactones Polyphenols Pomegranate : Portal hypertension : Post-acute and long term geriatric care clinical advisor by Naschitz, Jochanan E., Potassium channels in health and disease Practical manual of laser applications in dermatology Predicting and controlling disease by Hutber, Marcus, Prehospital control of traumatic external hemorrhage : Prescription drug abuse Prescription drug prices paid under federal programs Prescription drugs Prescription Drugs and the DEA Preservation of biological evidence Preventing sexual violence at institutions of higher education : Preventive health care : Primary and Secondary Glomerulonephritis by Lamprianou, Foteini Principles of renal medical procedures / Private-sector health insurance Probiotics in children Procyanidins Progesterone : Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy Prokaryotes : Propranolol Propranolol : Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) Prothrombin complex concentrates Psychiatric disorders during the postpartum period in light of current advances / Psychiatry board review Psychology and neurobiology of empathy Psychopathy : Psychotropic drugs and medical conditions / Public health : Public health and harm reduction : Public Health Yearbook 2015 Public Health Yearbook 2016 Pulmonary arterial hypertension and nifedipine : Quality control and safety evaluation of natural products Quality of health care : Quality of life in endocrine diseases / Quality, mobility and globalization in the higher education system Quantum electrodynamics through the eyes of a biophysicist / by Volobuev, A. N. Quercetin Rare diseases Recent Advances in Eye Research. Recent avenue to cancer prevention / Recent progress in eye research Reconstructing postmodernism critical debates by Powell, Jason L Recurrent pregnancy loss Red wine consumption and health Reduction of sporadic malignancies by stimulation of cellular repair systems and by targeting cellular energy metabolism / by Poljsak, Borut, Reflections on science teaching in New Zealand schools / Renal cell carcinoma Renal failure : Repair of the human brain and spinal cord by Schalow, Giselher. Research in sport Psychology Research trends in behavior and executive function / Rett syndrome and other communication disorders Risk perception Role of natural herbs in stroke prevention and treatment by Mir, Manzoor A. S100B Salmonella pathogenesis and progression in the development of human and veterinary non-typhoidal salmonella vaccines against human salmonellosis Sarcoidosis Sarcoplasmic reticulum by Bakiu, Rigers, Science in medicine : by Mazur, Dennis John, Selenium : Self-fragmentation and self-integration in people with schizophrenia : vol.1 by Yip, Kam-Shing, Self-perception Septic shock Sexuality : Shortages of drugs containing controlled substances : Sickle cell anemia by Waked, Intsar S. Significant health statistics Simvastatin delivery Skin cancer prevention Sleep deprivation : Sleeve gastrectomy Smoking and adolescence : Snake venoms and envenomation Social security benefits for spouses and survivors Solanum lycopersicum : Soy protein Spatial, long-and short-term memory : Speech, language and voice pathology : Sphingolipids Sphingolipids Spinal cord stimulation Spontaneous Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Staffing issues in military health care Staphylococcus aureus : Staphylococcus aureus and coagulase-negative staphylococci : by Cunha, Maria de Lourdes Ribeiro de Souza da, Statins : Stem cells Stress and developmental programming of health and disease : Stuttering Subarachnoid hemorrhage Substance abuse Substance abuse : Successful conservation strategies for sea turtles Sudden cardiac death : Sugarcane : Suicide : Suicide risks and treatments, new ideas and future perspectives / Sun exposure Superbugs : Superficial mycoses : by Shemer, Avner, Supramolecular systems Surface electromyography Surgery for Crohn's disease Surgery of the orbital cavity : by Roncevic, Radmilo, Synaptic fundamentals of memory performance Systematic approach elucidating effects of music onto human health : by Tanaka, Yuki Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) : Systemic, cellular and molecular mechanisms of physiological functions and their disorders Systems synthetic biology : by Chen, Bor-Sen, Tachycardia : Takotsubo cardiomyopathy Targeted therapies in cancer by Lacroix, Marc, Targeted therapies in cancer by Lacroix, Marc, Technologies for healthy, graceful aging : Temperaments Terpenoids and squalene The art of neuroendocrinology The art of psychotherapy The brainstem and behavior / The central catecholaminergic system The crisis in contemporary medicine and the rise of the reflective physician / by McDonald, Ian G., The development of the human trophoblast The easy book of cancer pharmacology The enigma of autism The equine tendon in health and disease The evolution of health literacy : The Family and Medical Leave Act The family doctors : by Turabian, Jose Luis The field guide to adhd : by Harding, Blake, The fundamental role of muscle contractures in musculoskeletal diseases : by Polak, Jan. The GUT microbiome The impact of severe mental illness on quality of life : by Ritsner, Michael S., The lymphatic system The Mediterranean diet : The metabolic-psychosomatic axis, stress and oxytocin regulation / by Bennun, Alfred, The nature of water The optimal circulation : by Grygoryan, Rafik D., The origin of diseases by Hong, Yun-Chul, The origin of diseases by Hong, Yun-Chul, The Principles and practice of Q fever The prion phenomena in neurodegenerative diseases The red clover by Żuk-Gołaszewska, Krystyna, The regenerative processes involving the cAMP unzipping of DNA by Bennun, Alfred, The role of communication partners in the audiological rehabilitation / by Manchaiah, Vinaya, The role of emotions in mental illness / The role of imaging technology in current surgical practice / The role of regucalcin in cell homeostasis and disorder by Yamaguchi, Masayoshi, The sibling-as-a-playmate for children with autism by Tsao, Ling-Ling, The surgery for kidney transplantation / The Vasculitides, Volume 1 The Vasculitides, Volume 2 The WIC program The Zika virus : Therapeutic physical activities for people with disability Thermal imaging Threonine : Thrombocytopenia Thyroid nodules : Tinnitus Tobacco Taxes and Illicit Trade Topoisomerase inhibitors : Toxicology : vol.1. Toxicology : vol.2. Tracheostomy Transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) : Transgender youth : Travelling back to sustainable agriculture in a bioeconomic world Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) : Trigger points Triple-negative breast cancer : Tropical pediatrics : Turmeric Type I collagen : U.S. domestic food and nutrition assistance : U.S. military medical professionals : U.S. nursing workforce Ubiquitin ligase : Uncommon gastrointestinal disorders by Ingle, Sachin B., Understanding cancer at the subcellular level by Lamture, Jagannath B., Unraveling the enigma of visceral pain by Chaban, Victor V., Urolithiasis : Using petri nets to model the chemical stages of the radiobiological mechanism / by Barilla, Jiří, Vesicoureteral reflux and pyelonephritis : Virtual reality : Visually impaired Vitamin B₁₂ Vitamin-dependent multienzyme complexes of 2-oxo acid dehydrogenases : by Bunik, Victoria, Voice disorders Voriconazole : Wastewater treatment : Whey proteins : Women's health in the majority world : Women's issues economic, societal, and personal by Stickle, Dorothy V Writing for publication : by Sredl, Darlene Majka, Zea mays L. : Zika virus disease by Sharma, Sushil, Zinc deficiency Zoledronic acid : სიმპათიკურ- ადრენალური სისტემის ფუნქციური მდგომარეობა ჰალოპერიდოლის ფარმაკოკინეტიკის სხვადასხვა ფაზაში by გიორგობიანი, ირ.